Is your dry and dull skin becoming a restriction for a clear and radiant complexion? No, you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy expensive beauty products for your unattractive skin. All you need to do is follow some tips and tricks. These are the 10 best selections to help you acquire a fairer skin tone.

1. Eat Healthy to Get Healthy Fairness:

First, you must follow a healthy diet to get a fairer complexion. Dry skin often lacks vital nutrients, which makes it dull, scaly and lifeless. Before trying any home made or homemade home remedy, take a closer look at your eating habits. You must consume a lot of green fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, etc. fresh to meet your need for carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There must be enough milk, yogurt, honey and other similar elements in your regular diet that are able to protect your skin. All these foods will nourish the cells of your skin, which will lead you to a healthy and radiant skin.

2. Water, Water and Water – Drink lots of it:

Staying hydrated is the second most important task you must do to obtain radiant skin. Without enough water, the usual process of body metabolism is extremely affected, which in turn is reflected in the appearance of our skin. Again, as you have a naturally dry skin, the effect doubles in your case. Therefore, drink plenty of water throughout the day. A whopping 5 liters is the best. But if it is difficult for you, be sure to consume at least 3 to 4 liters per day. It will flush toxins from your body and help you maintain a fair and healthy skin tone.

3. Practice Exercise and Yoga Every Day:

Surprised? Well, it is true. Both workout and yoga play crucial roles in skin maintenance. It is especially factual in case of dry-skinned beauties. They can improve their inner health with these and get rid of that dull and unattractive skin. So, if you are one among them, start following a robust exercise routine from today. Go for a 30-minute session of brisk walking or strenuous activities followed by a yoga session. It would keep you internally healthy and reduce your stress levels to a great extent. As a result, your skin will glow like never before.

4. Shield Yourself from the Heat and UV Rays:

The harmful ultra-violet rays as well as scorching heat of the sun can worsen the condition of dry skin. Long exposure to the sun can damage the outer skin layer and sometimes lead to sunburn. Dry skin is more prone to such damages and tanning. So, always apply a sunscreen lotion or sunblock with high SPF before stepping out of the house. You should also wear full-sleeve outfits and hats whenever staying under the sun for long. These are essential for maintaining your actual skin tone.

5. Apply a Mixture of Olive Oil and Almond Oil:

There are many home cleaning tips for dry skin that can help you improve the tone and texture of your skin without making it drier. Try this mixture of olive oil and almonds to open the pores of your clogged skin by removing all traces of dirt and other impurities. Not only will it make your skin clean and clear, it will also provide moisture and essential nutrients to your dry skin to rejuvenate it. As a result, you will get healthy, white skin.

6. Use Sandalwood Powder Face Pack:

Take some pure sandalwood powder and mix it with turmeric powder. Add a little milk to it and blend well. Now, apply this pack all over your skin and wash off once it gets dried. Both sandalwood and turmeric are known for their skin lightening properties. Besides, the pack contains milk which has the power of adding a natural glow to your skin. This pack is especially suitable for dry skin. Hence, regular use of this face pack can give you smooth and fair skin easily.

7. Massage Your Skin with Curd:

Curd is a wonderful kitchen ingredient that can moisturize our skin and reduce its dryness. At the same time, it is also rich in two skin-lightening elements – lactic acid and zinc. Therefore, massaging your skin with curd can also be a great solution for your dry and peeling skin. This can help you to attain the desired fairness.

8. Apply Saffron Soaked in Raw Milk:

There are very few natural components that can improve our complexion as well as saffron. It has been used as an element to lighten skin tone for decades and is perfectly suited for dry skin. Just take some unprocessed milk and pour a pinch of saffron into it. Let the strands absorb the milk for a few minutes and then use it on your skin. The milk present in the mixture also contributes to the healthy and natural glow of the skin.

9. Use Papaya and Fuller’s Earth Face Pack:

The facial packages prepared with Multani fuller’s earth or mitti are widely used to obtain a shiny and radiant skin. You can crush a few pieces of papaya and mix with fuller’s earth to keep your skin hydrated throughout the process. It is known that this package provides a fair and perfect skin tone.

10. Apply Honey and Cucumber Juice Face Pack:

Honey is a natural moisturizer, which also takes part in lightening our skin. On the contrary, cucumber juice can smooth the skin tone and make it flawless. Therefore, combining honey with cucumber juice can do wonders for your dry skin and give you a glowing complexion in no time.

So, are you ready to try these clear skin tips for dry skin? Leave us a comment!

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