We understand. The salons can be quite expensive and burn a real hole in your pocket, especially if you are looking to dye your hair. Then, sometimes you have to do DIY for the hair color aspect of your dreams. But the idea of ​​dying your own hair at home can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, there really is nothing to worry about. Simply follow these simple tips, tricks and tricks to dye your hair and your adventure of dyeing your hair will pass as if it were a breeze.

Strand test

When it comes to dye your hair, this is the first thing you should do before going with the hair dye. Perform a tuft test on a small section of hair near the nape of the neck by applying the dye and leaving it on during the development time indicated on the box. This will show you exactly what the hair color will look like at the end and you will not end up with disastrous results!

Don’t trust the lady on the box

Now, this is the most obvious mistake anyone can make when it comes to selecting hair color. Most people use the hair color of the model on the front of the box (permanent hair dye). You will be surprised to know that the color of your hair will probably become clearer than hers.

This is because the developer in boxed hair dyes is stronger than the dyes used in salons. Therefore, it will lighten your hair more than what appears on the box. So, what you should do is look for the color guide on the side or on the back of the box that will show you exactly how the final color will appear in different base shades

Go darker for permanent color, lighter for semi permanent color

If you are coloring your hair with a permanent hair dye, choose a shade that is a little darker than you want, since the dye developer will lighten your hair considerably. For the semi-permanent hair dye, on the other hand, Choose a tone that is a little bit lighter than you want. This is because the longer you leave the dye in your hair, the darker and more intense the tone will be.

Two boxes

If your hair is past your shoulders and tends to get dry, then make sure you get two boxes of hair dye when coloring your hair

Hair texture

There are two things you should remember about hair texture when you are considering ideas to dye your hair. First, hair that is very curly, curly and rough absorbs more color and tends to become colder when you color it. Therefore, any dye that you apply will look slightly ashen and will have blue tones. Second, straight hair that is thin or medium in texture is prone to toning when you color it. Therefore, the color you end up with may have an orange or copper tone. What you should do when choosing your hair dye is to opt for warm colors like gold or bronze, which are lighter than the natural color of your hair if you have curly curly hair and cool shades such as beige or blonde ash. Darker than your natural color if you have straight hair with fine texture.

Condition your ends before rinsing out your root touch up

An important part of maintaining the color of your hair is to touch up your roots when they grow. This can be tricky because the tips of your hair are porous and can stain when you wash the color of your roots. A quick and easy way to prevent this from happening is to apply a conditioner on the tips of your hair just before removing the color from the roots.

Proper sectioning

The fact of sectioning your hair properly is key at the time of dyeing it to avoid that the final results become patches. The best way to section it is by first separating it vertically from the center of the forehead to the nape of the neck and then horizontally from one ear to the other. This will divide your hair into 4 equal sections. Now, start dyeing your hair from the back of your head and continue to the front. In this way, the color will have developed in the back of your hair for longer, which is naturally darker than the rest of your hair.

Shampoo + Color’ for dry ends

Since the dried tips are porous and absorb color very quickly, do not apply them while applying the rest of the hair, but reserve a little color in the bowl. Three minutes before washing your hair, add 2 jets of shampoo to the color in the bowl and apply it to the ends. This will give them a bust of color and brightness.

Add water and massage

An excellent way to make your color work look even and avoid scratches, patches or lines is to sprinkle some water on your head and massage the color just before washing it.

Don’t skip the conditioner

There are two reasons why you should never skip conditioning after dyeing your hair. First, it moistens your hair after the hair dye and shampoo remove its natural oils. Second, and most important, close the hair cuticles that the dye had opened to seep into the stalk of your hair. Therefore, it prevents the color from darkening more than the desired tone.

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