A facial rub down is a pleasing and relaxing enjoy. It makes you sense freshstrain– unfastened, and rejuvenated. consistent with beauticians and pores and skin specialists, facial rub down a once in a month can do wonders for your skinno longer best the pores and skin will get rid of all the dirtextra oil and dead cells that collect for your skinbut may even the pores and skin gets a completely easyattractive, and radiant lookmost of the people spend hundreds at spas and salons to appear to be a million dollarshowever to be very honest, you genuinely don’t must do all of that. you could constantly get a facial rub down at domestic and appearance equally lovely! All you need to is follow a few basic steps and also you’ll be able to pamper your pores and skin, salon style!

What Will You Need?

  1. A medium sized bowl
  2. Cold water.
  3. Make up Remover
  4. Cotton
  5. Sponge
  6. Face Scrub
  7. Massage Cream
  8. Face pack
  9. Toner
  10. Eye cream
  11. Skin moisturizer

The Preparation:

Before you pass onto the actual rubdownobserve the below cited steps to prepare your skin for it:

1. the primary component you want to do is eliminate any hint of make-up out of your skin. Take a few drops of an awesome satisfactory cleanser or baby oil. Dab it into some cotton and follow it all over your face till the make-up comes off. Wash your face with bloodless water after this.

2. pick a great excellent cleaner and upload a piece of it on your palm. Rub gently and follow everywhere in the face. make sure the goods you’re usingfit your pores and skin kind.

3. Don’t use too much stress even as massaging your face with a purifier.

4. Now take your sponge, dip it in water and wipe off the cleanser.

5once this is done, it’s time to do some facial scrubbing. Take beneficial quantities of the exfoliate and scrub your entire face. Pay unique interest to the nose and chin location.

The Massage:

Now your skin is ready for a good massage! Follow the steps:

1. once you are carried out with scrubbing, it’s time to use the rub down cream. Take some of the cream and place it in your hands. Now rub them collectivelyin order that the cream turns into a touch heat. This makes the massaging very smooth.

2. start with the chin location and make your manner up. whilst the cream has been unfold everywhere in the face, you may start with the real rub downusing each your hands, you should gently rubdown your face in an upwards direction. It’s pleasant to start from the throat.
3go to the place inside the center of your upper lip, rubdown and stretch down until your lips make a sad face.

4when you are performed with that, vicinity your arms close to the nostril place and rub down your cheeks all of theway to the ears.

5. Now it’s time to rub down your eyes. hold your hands around the eyes and stretch the corner of each your eyes inside the upwards path.

6.Close both your eyelids with the thumb and relax for some seconds.

7. The cream have to had been absorbed into the pores and skin through now. Take a sponge and remove all the more cream from your face.

Wrapping It Up:

Now that the rub down is accomplished, you need to seal in all the goodness!

Take a appropriate face %practice it on the face and depart it for 20 minutes.
Use cotton and apply the toner.
Now take a few eye cream in your finger tips and spread all of it round the attention vicinitymassage well. Be careful whilstdoing this. You don’t want to stretch your pores and skin too much.
sooner or later, take your moisturizer, dab it for your cheeks, forehead and chin and practice properly.


There are a pair of factors you need to hold in thoughts while getting a facial rub down at domestic.

To start withmake certain your palms are easywe are playing along with your face right here and it’s no comic story. Use a terrific hand wash to dispose of all dust out of your fingers and palms and use a sanitizer too.

Secondly, make certain all the goods you’re about to use are pores and skin– pleasant. You don’t want to applysomething a good way to spoil the texture or first-rate of your skin.

Third, the day you’re getting a facial rub down, wash your face with cold water or simply use ice in place of face wash.

Lots of us anticipate a special occasion to move for a facial. howeverin case you actually need your pores and skin to glow all 12 months spherical, make monthly facials a addictionand you don’t even should worry approximately the money! With this domestic facial rubdownyou can pamper your skin with out emptying your pocket! deliver it a attempt to tell us the way you felt.


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