Fruits are taken into consideration the exceptional food for a healthy frame and thoughtsthey’re rich in minerals, nutrients and are without problems digestible. And the healthier you are, the prettier you appearancebut do you understand that end result also are true for you skin too?

yes, that’s proper. Fruit extracts are quite utilized in pores and skin care beauty arrangements due to the nutrientspresent in them. here we gift 4 easy home made fruit face packs for greasy pores and skin.

Citrus end result works fine in terms of Oily skin tone. fruits like orange, lime and lemon can be used on oily skin for refreshment and wholesome glow. these end result have astringent and firming houses which let you a lot for your skin care regime. despite the fact that citrus culmination are distinctly useful in skincarepreserve in thoughts you shouldcontinually mix them with different substances whilst the use of in your face. As these end result are acidic in nature, they will purpose infection and breakouts. And additionally citrus end result aren’t the simplest culmination you coulduse as we display below.

Lemon Fruit Pack:


  • Cut half a lemon, squeeze the juice and add 2 teaspoons of buttermilk & 2 teaspoons of fullers earth to it.
  • Blend the mixture well with a spoon until it turns creamy.

And if you would rather use yoghurt which is more readily available at home,

This serves as a refreshing fruit face pack for oily skin types. Regular use rejuvenates skin and improves the complexion.

Orange Fruit Pack: 

Orange peels can be dried, powdered and used along with curd or milk as a brightening fruit mask for oily skin. curd or milk is not compulsion!

The citrus acid eventually removes the dark patches, tan and other blemishes to bring out glowing skin.

Strawberry Pack:

Strawberries have anti aging properties to keep those fine lines and age spots at bay.They work great on oily skin types too.

Mash a couple of strawberries and pour some diluted lime juice in it. Nothing can be sweeter smelling and refreshing than this.

Banana Face Pack:


  • Mash and blend 1 banana with a tbsp. of honey and some orange juice (you may also use lemon juice instead).
  • Apply this on your face and wash with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

You needn’t use orange or lemon juice at all. That is entirely upto you  as banana and honey already work wonders on oily skin.
Here is a video to help you out.

Girls, do you know of any other fruit face packs for oily skin or face beauty tips? Don’t forget to share them with us.

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