When my mother reached the age of 40, she was proud. It was an achievement, especially with his youthful skin and his gaily walking. Friends often confused her with my older sister! Then her half of the 40s arrived and she no longer liked to discuss her wrinkle-free skin, as she was busy wondering why she was accumulating pounds and pounds. I remember that my mother was never fat in her youth, so getting a belly after 40 was something she could not stand and devastated her. This prompted me to seek his help and I began to investigate. What I found was that weight gain after 40 in women is very common.

Why Women Gain Weight After 40?

Here are the 10 reasons why my mother and many women like her have gained weight after the age of 40:

1. Hormonal Imbalance

This is the most obvious reason why women begin to gain weight after age 40. This is the stage of peri-menopause when the ovaries reduce their production of estrogen. With the reduction of estrogen, the body tends to retain fat, so it can maintain normal hormonal balance and this leads to weight gain.

2. Reduced Levels of Progesterone

As women approach menopause, the body reduces progesterone production. Although the reduced levels of progesterone do not make you gain fat, they contribute to swelling and water retention, which increase your weight and give you a scare when you weigh yourself.

3. Increased Appetite

Thanks to changes in your hormone levels, you will end up hungry and hungry. This will make you eat more than normal and, as we all know, overeating is one of the main reasons to gain weight.

4. Aging

One of the aging baths is a slower metabolism. Unfortunately, every woman will face this problem. Once your metabolism slows down, your body will burn fewer calories and end up accumulating unwanted fat around your waist. Now you know why you have that jelly belly!

5. Insulin Resistance

After crossing 40, if your diet consists of white sugar and processed foods, your body cells will become resistant to insulin. This causes your body to store fat, resulting in weight gain. Of course, this is something to worry about as insulin resistance leads to Type 2 diabetes.

6. Stress

When women cross their 40s, they have to cope with more stress. They are worried about their kids, retirement and possibly health. When you are stressed, your adrenal glands will produce cortisol to combat the stress. Unfortunately, while your body is able to cope with stress, cortisol prevents weight loss, so most efforts to lose those extra pounds go in vain!

7. Your Body Composition

The simple fact of being a woman is one of the main reasons to accumulate weight after 40 years. As women approach menopause, they lose muscle mass but retain body fat. Initially, you will not notice a difference in your weight, but as the body loses more muscle mass, the basal metabolism slows down. And explosion: you start to gain fat throughout your body, which results in weight gain.

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