As the winter months approach, many of us will soon deal with furry house invaders. Mice eat indoors when food and water are scarce, and once they enter, it can be difficult to remove them. More difficult still, if you prefer not to use poisons and eliminate the difficult ones if you oppose the traps. As with many challenges in the home, the versatility of essential oils can help, and peppermint oil has a surprising benefit when it comes to repelling mice.

Pure peppermint oil, when used in conjunction with a basic understanding of mouse behavior, can be a safe, non-toxic, and human method to prevent unwanted pests and wildlife from leaving your home. To reap the benefits of natural peppermint oil, simply saturate several cotton balls with pure, undiluted oil and place the balls in the areas where the mice would travel. Remember that pure essential oil can damage sensitive surfaces, and when handling pure oil, practice common sense safety measures. Wash your hands thoroughly when you finish handling the mint or any other essential oil.

Just putting a few mint balls in the corner of your living room and praying for the mice to stay away will not get you very far. To get the most out of your pest-proof treatment, consider several aspects of the behavior and physiology of the mouse. First, mice will run along the base of a wall when they move in their living space. It is rare for mice to go through open spaces where they will be more vulnerable. This is good news for owners since it reduces the focus of where to deal with. Placing the peppermint balls away from the walls or perpendicular surfaces will be a waste of oil and effort.

Second, mice love your plumbing. They will use the condensation that forms on the outside of their pipes and will often use the adjacent pipe as a method to enter their living space. Focus your efforts first on these areas, that is, on your kitchen, countertops, cabinets and stove areas. If you can keep mice at bay in these areas, then you will not need to put mint balls in other parts of the house. In other words, attacking the problem at its source can help save time and effort.

While using a natural method of mint deterrence is safe and humane, there are some considerations you should take to maintain effectiveness. Remember that the essential oil will evaporate from soaked cotton balls, so it may be necessary to replace them twice a week to ensure they remain at their maximum power. You may need to experiment with various concentrations and concentrations of peppermint oil to find the application that best suits your needs.

A practical tip: to help protect surfaces and simplify the mouse protection process, place your cotton balls on index cards or napkins. This means that every time you need to move your peppermint balls you will not have to manipulate the oil and you will be able to move multiple balls at once. Just remember that the mint balls should be in the corners and against the walls or other perpendicular surfaces.

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