Even though organic skin care products are superior to commercial products made with inorganic ingredients, it is still essential to choose according to the type of skin. The reason is that organic substances have different components, each with unique characteristics. In other words, an ingredient formulated for oily skin may not be an appropriate option for someone with dry skin. While research is essential to understanding the different ingredients used in the natural care of organic skin, taking the time to do so will be worth it in the long term.

Caring for Oily Skin

Here are three main types of skin to include oily, dry and combined. However, of the three, oily skin tends to be the most challenging. In addition to leaving the skin shiny, excess oil often causes acne breakouts and other skin problems. One misconception about oily skin is that the problem is the result of poor diet and poor hygiene. Although these may be contributors, as well as certain medications and even stress, oily skin is usually the result of excessive production of sebum.

Sebum, an elegant name for oil, is produced due to androgen hormones. In some cases, these hormones go crazy, which leads to an overproduction of sebum and, therefore, oily skin. For example, during puberty, during pregnancy, going through menopause, and just before starting a monthly menstrual cycle, these hormones can go crazy. As a result, a high level of sebum is produced.

To keep the oil under control, someone with this type of skin needs to consider the best organic products available for skin care. While the best organic products for skin care would have no impact on androgens, they would help minimize the effects of oily skin. As an example, a problem with pimples or black spots caused by pores clogged with oil and dirt would be corrected. The conclusion is that the clean ingredients found in organic brands for skin care are essential to reduce shine, keep oil to a minimum, keep pores clean and, in general, improve the health of the skin.

Dry Skin Solutions

As with oily skin, there are some amazing natural organic skin care products formulated specifically for dry skin. This particular type of skin can be caused by a number of things, such as cold temperatures and low humidity levels. However, living or working in a building with air conditioning and / or central heating, taking baths and / or excessively hot showers and exposure to the sun, all lead to a problem of dry skin.

In addition to environmental triggers, dry skin can be the result of using harsh detergents and/or soaps, Hypothyroidism, otherwise known as an overactive thyroid, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis, which is the most common form of eczema. Someone with dry skin often struggles with increasing lines and wrinkles, poor elasticity, and damage to both the top layer and cellular level of skin.

By adopting the best organic skin care regimen consisting of using the right products, you can completely transform the appearance and feel of the skin. In fact, choosing organic formulations for skin care that contain natural ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenate will not only improve a person’s appearance by making the skin soft and supple, but will actually help heal damaged skin for healthy and general vitality.

Correcting Combination Skin

Just as the name implies, “combination skin” is both oily and dry. As imagined, this creates a unique problem that again must be addressed using the proper organic facial products. Because combination skin is so common, there are some excellent products available made with the highest quality organic ingredients available.

By choosing appropriate organic skin care products for combination skin, the need for a person to purchase multiple products would be eliminated. Simply put, rather than buy one type of product to deal with excess oil and another product to hydrate dry skin, an individual would use just one product that works on both skin types. In addition to this being more convenient, using the top organic skin care product linesis a more cost-efficient solution.

Going Organic Is The Path to Beautiful Skin

No matter the type of skin, there will always be challenges to face when caring for your skin. We live in a day and a time when environmental stressors are out of our control, and they all create a burden on our skin. Although some skin problems are easier to correct than others, the use of certified organic skin care products made with the appropriate natural ingredients will allow the person to see incredible results but also quick and lasting.

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