1. Rough Texture

The easiest way to know if your hair is damaged is to hold it upside down and pass the ends with your fingers. If the ends stick out and feel rough, your hair is probably damaged.

2. Dulled Shine

Damaged hair does not have shine or shine. The stems of the hair stop shining when the cuticles are damaged. With damaged hair, you will notice that there is no shine even after a deep conditioning treatment.

3. Split Ends

Take some of your hair and twist it gently. Look carefully at the tips of the protruding hair. If the ends are divided in two, your hair is damaged, and it’s time for you to get an edge.

4. Lack Of Moisture

While dry hair is not always damaged, damaged hair is dry. If your hair does not seem to be conditioned, no matter what you try, it’s a sure shine of damaged cuticles that cannot seal in moisture.

5. Extreme Breakage

If your hair breaks while you comb it, or even when you run your fingers through it, it is damaged. The tensile strength of your hair is reduced when the outer layer is damaged.

6. High Porosity

As the cuticle rises, it is much easier for moisture to pass. External moisture builds up on the hair shaft and begins to swell, which causes the hair to become curly.

7. Lack Of Elasticity

Your hair can stretch to a certain point before it breaks and breaks. The elasticity of a damaged hair is much less than a healthy one. If your hair breaks very easily, it is probably damaged.

8. Too Many Tangles

Unlike healthy hair, where the axes are smooth, the rough cuticles of damaged hair become entangled and result in knots. Dryness makes it difficult to get these tangles, and often leads to breakage.

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