The bags under the eyes are a common development of age and a frequent complaint among patients who no longer feel as young as they used to. To describe what happens a little more, the normal fat that helps hold the eye sometimes moves towards the lower eyelid, which makes the lid look swollen. In addition, fluid may accumulate in the area under the eyes, which increases swelling.

How to get rid of the bags under the eyes? There are many natural things you can do, by eliminating some bad habits to home remedies, which can help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.

1. Take Care of Your Allergies

You are probably aware of when your allergies become inflamed, as allergy season and watery and swollen eyes are unavoidable for many. Try natural remedies, such as essential oils for allergies, to help control them and catch them before they start. Also, have a small vial of an essential allergy mixture on hand, as for some allergies you can sneak up when you least expect it.

2. Take It Easy on the Salt

Salt is often related to high blood pressure, but did you know that all that sodium can cause fluid retention and lead to swelling under the eyes? If you use salt, use pure sea salt from the Himalayas, but only a little. Avoid very salty foods, such as pizza and some soups. Opt for fresh vegetables, particularly celery, which can help curb your desire for salt!

3. Exercise Those Bags Away

Exercise is a natural way to reduce the signs of aging and can promote a youthful glow in the skin, but the area around the eyes will benefit from special facial exercises. Licensed beautician and author of The Yoga Facelift, Marie-Veronique Nadeau explains that face yoga involves slow exercises of the facial muscles to help tone and tighten them. By using the light pressure of the fingers as resistance, the exercises involve various facial expressions and pressure.

Let’s not forget “regular” yoga and how it can benefit you too. Inverted postures, such as shoulder supports and backward curves, can help increase circulation to the face, which removes excess fluid and helps relieve swelling.

4. What Is Your Sleep Position?

Sleeping on your back can prevent gravity from causing fluid buildup around your eyes. Consider adding an additional pillow under the head as well, but make sure it is a pillow that is effective for a good night’s sleep since if you can not sleep, that can aggravate the problem of dark circles.

5. Try a Neti Pot

Have you heard of a Neti pot? This is an ancient remedy that you can do as part of your daily routine to help fight those swollen eyes. Native to India in Ayurvedic medicine, a Neti pot looks like a small teapot and can be found in most health food stores or online. It can help eliminate all the extra moisture in your sinuses due to seasonal allergies, colds or infections.

Just pour salt water into one nostril and let the other drain. Normally I only do this on the bathroom sink. It feels strange at first, but in reality, it is very clean and refreshing.

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