Winter season means it’s colder outside and a lot of heater hair inside. That means dry skin all around. Today we are going to share some of our top tricks and tips of winter season.

Clean your Face:

 Try to clean your face once a day properly with a good quality natural herbal facewash suitable to your skin to clean all the natural oils secreted by your skin glands. Facewash will hydrate and moisturize your skin to look fresh by making  it clean.
Put away Products having Alcohol:

Another tip for winter is putting away all your product that have high alcohol content like toners. Those can really skip the natural oils from your skin. Making your skin even  dry and tighter. So put those away for spring and summer season.
Take water with lukewarm water:

This one is a huge tip because everyone love taking log hot showers especially during the winter season. It’s  so colder outside and every one want to go inside to get hot shower. But it is often too bad for your  mild skin sometimes really get dry and flaky  so instead take short shower and use lukewarm water.
Hand and Feet Protection:

For your dry flaky hand in winter use 2 to 3 drops to body oils on your palm and them apply moisturizing lotion on it to get softer hand during winter season. If you want super soft hands and feet In morning when you wake up after moisturizing your entire body put on a pair of gloves on your hand and a pair of warm socks. This will help your feet and hand to look soft and nice.
Use Humidifier:

Use humidifier for inside your room to moisturize your inner room air in cooler season. So turn your humidifier on some days it really can help out. Don’t use it too much because sometime lots of moisture may help in growth of mold and fungus. Try using it sparingly.

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