A large number of us wind up on our feet for the duration of the day, which is the reason keeping up great foot wellbeing is essential. On the off chance that you have split foot rear areas, you may see dry and chipping skin and profound breaks in the skin. As broke skin rubs against footwear, notwithstanding strolling can end up plainly awkward – so it’s imperative to know how to manage dry, split rear areas rapidly and viable.

Causes of Cracked Heels:

Split foot sole areas are a typical issue. It happens when the dry skin on your feet parts. One conceivable explanation behind this might be an absence of dampness which makes the skin dry out. These dry layers of skin at that point solidify and incorporate up with thick, dry callouses that can in the long run split. Exceptional weight or contact on the feet is accepted to make dry rear areas split. This may regularly be from remaining for a drawn-out stretch of time. Other contributing variables may include:

  1.  Not moisturizing your feet frequently
  2.  Taking excessively long, hot showers or showers
  3.  Using unforgiving, drying cleansers
  4.  Harsh climate conditions
  5.  Wearing shoes with thin soles or open backs
  6.  Wearing high foot rear areas, which don’t fit appropriately

Home remedies to Cure Cracked Heels:

Following are few home remedies which you can follow to  make your feet smooth:

  • Lemon and Sugar Remedy:

Every day 5-minute schedule that you can do is to take lemon parts and 3 tsp of sugar. Dunk the lemon parts into the sugar and clean on the foot sole areas day by day until the point when every one of the granules has dissolved into the skin. Give it a chance to get and wash dry with water and pat dry.

  • Essential oil Treatment:

Few essential oils are best for crack heels .olive oil, castor oil, and almond oil works wonder on heels.mix all these essential oils.

Backrub these oils on your feet (this ought to be done around evening time). Spread Vaseline into the splits of your feet, see that it is consumed by them extremely well. Liquefy a light in a pot on a delicate fire. Utilize a level brush and precisely apply to the skin. Let this cool and dry. Wear cotton socks and cover.

Leave overnight. Following day early in the day peel off from the skin and rub any outstanding buildup into the skin.

  • Monitor your diet:

Few vitamins and minerals are quite necessary for smooth heels.these are:


Getting your day by day prescribed admission of zinc is fundamental to various metabolic procedures and more than one hundred enzymatic responses in the human body. Protein amalgamation, control of carbon-dioxide in the circulation system, quality articulation, apoptosis, and cell digestion are the absolute most imperative of these capacities. In the event that an examination of your eating routine focuses on a zinc inadequacy, eat more sustenances like shellfish, meat, and crab which are for the most part high in zinc content. Vegans can expend beans, nuts, yogurt, and strengthened oats to support the body’s recuperating power with zinc.

Omega 3:

Mostly perceived for their capacity to increment cardiovascular wellbeing, Omega-3 unsaturated fats are additionally fundamental for the sound skin. Satisfactory admission of these ‘great fats’ can reinforce skin cell films, at the same time enhancing the body’s capacity to mend, protect against disease, and oust poisons. Wild-contracted bug water fish, for example, mackerel, fish, and sardines are for the most part amazing wellsprings of Omega-3 unsaturated fats.


Likewise ordinarily known as the ‘daylight vitamin’ for our skin’s capacity to incorporate it into sun presentation, vitamin D3 is another urgent segment in the battle against broke foot sole areas. Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol is a fat-dissolvable compound which is important for the assimilation of a few different supplements in the digestive organs (zinc being one of them.) While safe sun introduction is the prescribed technique for getting your day by day measurements of D3, this crucial supplement may likewise be acquired from a supplement or in little sums from expending greasy fish, hamburger liver, egg yolks, and some vitamin-invigorated sustenances.

  • Paraffin Wax:

On the off chance that the state of the breaks on your foot rear areas is extremely terrible and causing a great deal of torment, a paraffin wax treatment can give snappy alleviation. It functions as a characteristic emollient to mellow your skin.


  • Dissolve one square of paraffin wax in a twofold heater and blend in two tablespoons of mustard oil or coconut oil.
  • Enable it to cool to the point that a thin layer shapes on the best. Presently, plunge your feet into the blend, sit tight for 5 to 10 seconds and plunge once more. Do this a couple of times or until the point when you have a few layers of wax developed.
  • Cover your feet with a plastic and abandon it on for 30 minutes before evacuating the plastic and peeling off the wax from your skin.
  • Repeat the treatment maybe a couple times each week.
  • Banana:

Ready bananas are one of the least expensive home solutions for broke and dry foot sole areas, because of their saturating properties.


  • Crush one ready banana into a smooth glue. Clean your feet altogether and apply the banana glue on your rear areas.
  • Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes with the goal that your skin can assimilate the common food. Wash your feet tenderly with some warm water and after that absorb your feet frosty water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Do this day by day for half a month to reestablish delicate and smooth foot sole areas.
  • Petroleum jelly:

You can utilize petroleum jelly on dry, harsh skin to avoid split rear areas and leave your feet delicate and very much saturated.


  • Clean the hard dead skin around your feet in the wake of absorbing them warm water and afterward apply petroleum jelly over the whole affected area zone. You can likewise blend one teaspoon of the lemon squeeze in petroleum jelly and after that apply.
  • Cover your feet with socks so the oil jam drenches into the skin.
  • For best outcomes, do this day by day before going to bed
  • Honey:

Honey has saturating and antibacterial properties, making it a brilliant treatment for dry and split foot sole areas.

  • Mix some honey in a foot tub loaded with warm water.
  • Absorb your feet the water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Scour your feet delicately.
  • Do this every day or a few times each week until the point when you see change
  • Epsom salt:

If you have part foot raise territories, it’s indispensable to take extra care to keep your back zones all around immersed. You can do this fair with an Epsom salt or a sea salt foot sprinkle. It will moreover help upgrade dispersal.


  • Mix one some Epsom salt in a foot tub stacked with warm water.
  • Ingest your feet this response for 10 minutes.
  • Clean your feet with a pumice stone and again ingest the foot drench for 10 minutes.
  • Pat your feet dry and apply some foot cream or oil stick to secure in the suddenness
  • For best results, put on several socks to shield the extra sogginess from vanishing
  • Rosewater and Glycerin:

The blend of glycerin and rose water makes a successful home treatment for split foot rear areas. Glycerin relaxes the skin, which is the reason it is broadly utilized as a part of beautifying agents. Rose water includes vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E and cell reinforcement, mitigating and disinfectant properties.


  • Simply blend rise to measures of glycerin and rose water completely
  • Rub it on your rear areas and feet day by day before going to bed around evening time.
  • Vegetable Oil:

An assortment of vegetable oils can be utilized to treat and avoid split foot rear areas. Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or some other hydrogenated vegetable oil will work. For best outcomes, utilize this cure before going to bed to enable adequate time for the oil to completely infiltrate your skin.

  • Home pedicure

Most people do not realize that a home pedicure will also work miracles for cracked heels. Gear yourself with the following-

Two large towels
Nail brush
Pumice stone
Nail file
Essential oil – 5drops
Warm soapy water
500ml full fat warm milk
20ml olive oil
Nourishing cream


File the nails and soak your feet into a tub of warm water and milk and add essential oil along with olive oil. Brush nails and clean them well. Using a pumice stone scrub heels until soft and smooth. With a sponge apply nourishing tub water to the legs to the knees and on the top and soles of the feet.

Pat dry and massage with a nourishing cream and wipe dry. Buff the nails until smooth and shiny and your feet will be ready to dance! Spending five minutes daily to take care of your feet can go a long way.

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