The basis of any healthy relationship is trust. And when it breaks, you know it’s not just problems in paradise, it’s really a hurricane!

With that being said, trust can be broken in many ways. But most of the time, deception is what announces the end of faith, as well as the end of a romantic relationship.

While it is conventional to think that men are more likely to cheat, the gap is rapidly closing between the sexes in this regard. Women, now, are likely to be the infidels in a relationship too. And although it can be difficult to discover when a woman is cheating, she will still show certain signs and behaviors that will betray her!

Here are seven signs of this kind that men should watch to see if their wife is cheating them!

1. She Nags A Lot

Congruent men will argue that women are always in the habit of scolding (even though they can only be friendly suggestions). But when the annoyance seems extra, it is when it is indicative of problems! When he cheats, he will get used to complaining about everything from the smallest problems to the biggest ones. It will magnify all of your man’s imperfections and use them as an excuse to break. In fact, he will probably complain too much to be able to blame his man.

2. She Uses The ‘Just A Friend’ Line

This is a classic line, and it usually means that the other man in your life is probably much more than just a friend! However, when you answer the question you were asked about the guy in your photo, pay attention to their expressions. If she is uncomfortable or refuses to look you in the eye, she is probably dating another man in secret.

3. Constantly Inquiring About Her Guy’s Schedule

Not all women ask about their man’s daily itinerary, especially down to the smallest detail. A simple drop off is usually enough for her. But if he suddenly becomes too interested in his man’s schedule, and wants to know exactly when he’s leaving and returns home, he might be planning to have the other man visit. 

4. She’s Lost In Thought

Women are known to be attentive creatures and great listeners. Therefore, if you suddenly lose interest or just pay attention to what your man says, that means that something or someone else is playing in their minds. In fact, sometimes you may be totally lost in your thoughts and may even lose touch with reality. If you are cheating, you will probably also think of ways to break and, therefore, may seem distracted.

5. She Backs Out Of Confrontations

This is the biggest sign that she has been very behind the back of her man! If your partner tries to ask you directly if you are cheating or not, you will never admit that you did. Not only that, she will desperately search for ways to avoid conversation. Or he will simply remain silent, let the moment hang in the air as he thinks of ways to hide and present an infallible excuse for the latest events. You can even take the path of the offense and turn everything around to get out of this situation.

6. She Will Hide Her Phone

If she was private before, she will become super secret now. She will obviously try to keep her phone away from her man’s eyes as much as possible so that she will not find any clue as to what is happening. In fact, it will hide your phone so well that your man will end up thinking that he probably does not even have a phone anymore. When asked about it, it will spin a little or the other thread, as if your phone had been repaired or you had submerged it in the water by accident. In addition, she will also keep her ringtone in silence so that he does not find out.

7. She’ll Lose Interest In Romance

No matter how good the sexual act was, she would lose the interest of intimacy if she had another man in her life. In fact, that could be the reason why she has been acting so cold and distant lately; Refusing to give your man a hug when he needs comfort and keep those kisses short and brief. You can even find several reasons to avoid intimacy altogether.

Apart from the above, it can also show some other signs. For example, it may seem that she is always busy, that she gets angry and defensive easily, that she can smile for no reason, buy new clothes and never wear them in front of her man, and so on.

However, before men blame their women for cheating, they must analyze why they can do it in the first place. This can help prevent the breakup of a happy home.

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