Curls are not any doubt lovelybut it can be quite hard to tame them, in particular on a bad hair day. once in a while, even the strongest gels don’t paintings to your curls, leaving them unmanageable. if you are willing to attempt to change your appearancea good option may be to straighten your curly hair. instantly hair is the ‘in’ look in recent times, and if you  comply with current tendenciesyou realize you need to really supply the curly hair to straight hair appearance a strive.

maximum women assume two times earlier than straightening curly hair as they’re involved about the damagebut with the proper approachgadget and techniqueyou could simply attain the straight look with out a lot damageright here are some methods which are safe to straighten your curly hair.

How To Straighten Curly Hair

Method 1: Use a Straightening Iron

If you use a good quality straightening iron and take right care, you’ll be able to straighten hair without tons damage. The maximum essential factor to recall at the same time as the use of a straightening iron is the temperature. if you have an awesome satisfactory hair straightener, you will have an option to regulate the temperature.

Alter the temperature in line with your hair kind. For satisfactory or slightly broken hair, use 250 to 300 degree F temperature. For hair of common thickness use three hundred to 350 diploma F and for hair that is thick, coarse or frizzy use 350 to four hundred diploma F. comply with these simple steps to straighten your hair the usage of a straightening iron.

Wash your hair very well and blow-dry
Observe a heat safety spray
Picely divide your hair into small sections and layers.
Set your straightening iron to the perfect and apt temperature
Start straightening your hair with the lowest layer (just above your neck).
Right away prevent in case you see your hair starts to sizzle.
Look at in a mirror to make sure you haven’t neglected out any layer or phase.
if you are completed with straightening, apply any correct pleasant completing product together with hairspray or fixer.

Method 2: Hair Straightening Using Milk

Milk works like a miracle for curly hair.
Take an vintage spray bottle and pour milk into it.
Spray it onto your dry hair.
Let it paintings for 20 to half-hour.
Now wash it off.

Method 3: Use Milk & Honey

Take 1 cup milk and add honey to it.
Blend it well to create an amazing paste.
Upload banana to make it greater thick and powerful.
Bananas are correct moisturizers for hair.
Apply this paste on your hair and allow it paintings for 1 hour or more.
Wait till it completely dries out.
Now wash it off with shampoo.

Method 4: Olive Oil to Straighten Curly Hair

This is but every other powerful and herbal approach for hair straightening. Olive oil facilitates a lot within the method of straightening your hair certainly.

Take eggs.
Beat them.
Upload suitable amount of olive oil.
Blend it well.
Practice it protecting your hair well.
Let it paintings for forty five mins.
Now wash it off with shampoo.
This could not come up with immediately outcomesbut in case you do this as a minimum 2 – 3 instances a weekyou may see notable effects after a month.

Method 5: Coconut Milk for Hair Straightening

The great element to straighten your hair certainly is coconut milk.

Pour 1 cup of coconut milk in a bowl.
Squeeze half a lemon into it.
Mix well.
Put this combination in the fridge for an hour.
Now practice it, masking your hair.
Take a towel and warmth it up the use of a dryer for a couple of minutes.
Wrap this heat towel around your head. this may assist to soak in the nutrients.
Now virtually wash your hair after 35-50 minutes.

The above-cited mixes are a few effective ways to straighten curly hair. the use of a straightening iron is the maximum not unusual techniqueeven as the other 4 are extra home-made hair straightening methodsbut these natural methods of hair straightening are very effective. They do now not have any side effects in your hair.

allow us to recognize which of them you attempted and in the event that they helped you.



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