First patented by certified chiropractic physician P. Michael Leahy, the active release technique is a type of soft tissue therapy that can help reduce joint stress and relieve tense muscles. ART can be compared with deep tissue massage techniques. The two take similar approaches, manipulating the soft tissues to reduce the added stress on the joints and nerves that can cause chronic pain. Antiretroviral therapy can help stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce inflammation and naturally treat low back pain, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, among other painful conditions.

1. Increases Flexibility

The active release technique increases flexibility by relaxing muscles and joints. Studies have shown that even a treatment session with ART can increase flexibility in the legs, specifically in the hamstrings. A 2006 study found that an active-release technique treatment was able to help 20 physically active men without injuries improve their scores on a flexibility test. Research suggests that ART can help improve athletic performance and can also help prevent future injuries.

2. Reduces Lower Back Pain

According to a study conducted in 2013 by the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences of Physical Therapy, the active release technique can help improve the symptoms of low back pain, which can suffer from adults. Sessions of active-release techniques can help break up scar tissue and release compressed nerves related to back pain. Research has shown that antiretroviral treatment can help significantly reduce the intensity and pressure of low back pain.

3. Improve range of motion after injuries

The active release technique benefits the body by improving the range of motion after injuries. Research has shown that ART treatments can be especially useful for people with musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain, including neck pain caused by sports, exercise or work-related injuries. Antiretroviral treatment can help relieve joint pain and muscle pain caused by injuries and excess training, which makes it a beneficial therapeutic option for athletes.

4. Treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Sessions of active-release techniques can help relieve the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Studies have shown that ART provides significant improvements in the severity of symptoms, including pain and swelling caused by nerve compression. The active release technique can serve as a natural remedy for the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while also improving hand mobility. 

5. Help prevent injuries and improve performance

Research has shown that sessions of active-release techniques can help improve muscle recovery time, as well as running and athletic performance. ART can be beneficial especially for athletes. It helps to restore normal muscle and tissue function after an injury while keeping the body flexible. ART can also help prevent hardening of muscles that can cause limited mobility and loss of strength. Studies have shown that ART can also significantly improve recovery time after an injury.

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