Pimples are probably the most feared and persistent problem any woman with oily skin will complain about! Read below to know what pimples are and what the pimple treatments are for oily skin.

1. Lemon Juice and Honey Mix:

Lemon is the pleasant home cure for oily skin. Lemon Juice consists of Citric acid which can neutralise and manipulate the oil secretion of oily pores and skin. It has the capability to reduce zits efficiently. The acid quite properly works to kill the harmful zits inflicting bacteria in conjunction with decreasing the scars.

Honey has antibacterial houses and it can restore the moisture stability of the pores and skin well. Honey gives a herbal sparkling skin and additionally enables in the pimple discount.

How to:

Squeeze 1 spoonful clean Lemon juice and take the identical amount of Honey in a clean bowl. blend them nicelyyou willget a thick liquid paste like % now.

Apply it everywhere in the face and neck after cleaning the face nicely.

Use a cotton ball to apply this combination all over the face.

Go away the mixture at the face for 15 to twenty mins.

After 15 mins, wash it off with cold water.

you can note instantaneous pimple discount and a vivid glow on your face. also this treatment facilitates to vanish away the pimple marks too. this is very simple and powerful pimple treatment for oily pores and skinby means of doing this pimple remedy regularlyyou can assist keep the pimples at bay. After that you can try this weekly twice.

2. Besan and Curd Face Pack:

Besan is known as Bengal gram or dal flour, and it’s far to be had easily in our Indian kitchens. The identical holds actual for Curd as properly. So, we don’t need to rush to a splendor shop to get those beauty objects. Besan is rich in proteins and vitamins, and curd is rich in vitamin A and C. Curd can hold the skin soft and supple with the aid of moisturising it properlyat the same time Besan takes out the greater greasiness of the oily skinany other of the effective picks in the oily skinpimples treatment at domestic.

How to:

Take 2 teaspoons of Besan and one teaspoon of curd. mix this aggregate with a spoon well in a smooth bowl to make a thick paste.

To this thick paste, upload two drops of Lemon and a pinch of Turmeric powder.

Mix it well to make a mixture after which follow this paste flippantly for your cleansed face and neck. This face p.c. may additionally make the effort to dry.

After 20 mins to 30 minutesobserve warm water on the dried face % to make it unfastened.

Now rub lightly to take away the face percent from the face and neck. via rubbing like this, your skin’s dead cells can beremoved. Then splash bloodless water to take away the rest of the face p.c..

Ingredients such as Turmeric and Honey are known as antiseptic ingredients. They help calm and revitalize the skin. Turmeric also helps in fading the tan or discoloration of the skin. Its yellow tint helps the skin glow, while protecting it from the harmful sun rays.Curds especially the sour curds are known to contain properties that kill the acne causing bacterias instantly.

Repeat this  treatment for oily skin weekly twice initially. After pimples are controlled, you can do this once every 15 days.


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