12 Most Inspiring & Working Women Of Pakistan


SHAZIA SYED ( Cheif Excecutive Officer , Unilever Pakistan)
Ms. Shazia Syed serves as a Chairperson & cheif executive of Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited. She has been Cheif Executive Officer of Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited since March 7 , 2016 & an executive Director since January 21 , 2010.
SHAZIA SYED ( Cheif Excecutive Officer , Unilever Pakistan)
She serves herself as a Chairperson & Chief Executive. She joined Unilever as a management trainee in 1989. She also spent 3 years with Unilever Vietnam as business unit leader for personal care. She worked very hard in her life. She also serves herself as a director of Pakistan business council. She did her MBA from Clayton University.
As a mentor , she said
“Mentoring has always been a key value for me. As a leader , i feel it is my responsibility to develop and enable people to unlock their capabilities , improve & strength their skills.Personally i find it to be very humbling experience , knowing that i can help someone & extend that support towards them is an incredible feeling.”
NASREEN MAHMOOD KASURI (chairperson at beaconhouse)
Nasreen Mahmood Kasuri is a chairperson of the Beaconhouse National University. She comes from a business family. She did her bachelors in applied psychology & history from Kinnaird College-Lahore. She has also done her maaters in business Administration ( MBA ) and holds a joint degree issued by University of NYU (USA) , LSE (UK) & HEC (FRANCE). it is hard to imagine that Beaconhouse had its beginnings in a small nursery set up by Nasreen Mahmood Kasuri in 1975. Now it is one of the largest school systems with presence in 9 countries & 30 cities & has a student body near 181,958 & staff exceeding 15,613.
NASREEN MAHMOOD KASURI (Chairperson at Beaconhouse)
She also played a pivotal role in women empowerment in the country. 62% of the beaconhouse employees are women. She has served on the boards of many government & non government organizations. She received the “Sitara-e-Eisaar” from the government of Pakistan in 2006 for being actively involved in non profit & charity organizations.
At present , she is chairperson of pakistans first liberal art university , the non profit beaconhouse national university . In sept 2012 , she also receive women power 100 award in pakistan. she is one of the most inspiring women for pakistan.
SULTANA SIDDIQUI (Director , Hum network limited)
Sultana Siddiqui was born in Karachi , Sindh Pakistan. She is known as a president & founder of Hum network limited. She is a pakisani TV director & producer and a business person.She has only one aon named Duraid Qureshi & Momina Duraid is her daughter in law. She is also known as Sultana apa.
SULTANA SIDDIQUI (Director , Hum network limited)
She is the first women who started her own TV channel & she is the director & president of Hum network limited.Sultana started her career from PTV as a producer in Karachi in 1974. Later she started working on her own TV channel Hum TV. Under her direction , Hum TV has received Pakistanis lux style awards 4 years in a row. As a public speaker , Sultana has spoken on many local & international platforms. She has won numerous awards including best producer of drama serial , best producer of music production , the Hazrat Khadijat ul kubra award , women of vision award , Nigar award , The gold medal award , Sindh graduate association award & pride of performance award . She serves as a best in drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai ” & “Marvi” Her other best drama serials zara c aurat , wafa kay mausom , Sassi panoon.
JEHAN ARA is the president of pakistan software houses association for IT & amp. She has to a great degree been responsible for developing the Pasha brand and for creating linkages between pasha & local & international partners. She is a motivator , an entrepreneur , a social activist and a strong propagator of extending power and use of info and communication technologies. She is a regular speaker at seminars at colleges & university .She has 29 year experience in marketing , communication and interactive new media in Hong Kong.
Jehan ara’s one of the passions is policy advocacy through use of cutting edge technology . She is advocating for Cyber Crime , Privacy & Data protection legislation . In addition to her role as president of industry , she is working on initiative known as womens virtual network which will connect educated women with potential employees thus bringing more women into economic fold & creating a community that acts as a support network for professional women.
She is a chairperson in Nishat Mills Limited. She established and ensures smooth running of the stiching business of this group.She manages and operates various retail outlets around the country & oversees the brand name of Nishatlinen.
Naz Mansha, Chairperson, Nishat Mills Limited
In addition , she is a chairperson of DG khan cement company limited. the business of Nishatlinen was started by her father in law. Her husband was a billionaire and now she oversees that brand n a chairperson of Nishat Mills limited.
MUSARAT MISBAH (Founder Diplex Salon)
musarat misbah has a dynamic personality  with multiple talents and is a name that needs no introduction. She is a distinguished entrepreneur and a cosmetologist . As a beautician , she is one of the best beauty expert who initiated the trend of professional beauty salons in the country. Her promising personality reflects vividly for her beauty
she was born on 25 november 1959 in karachi. her father MR Misbah uddin is a business tycoon and her mother Ms Anisa ia s social worker . Initailly Musarat misbah committed herself fully to help women look beautiful and quickly  assended the ladder of sucess as a beautician.
MUSARAT MISBAH (Founder Diplex Salon)
With a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution and a will to bring about positive change in the lives of those who have suffered due to atrocities of deliberate burning she decided to establish an  NGO and eventually laid the basis of diplex smilegain foundation in 2005. For her valuable contributions in various fielda of life , she is a recepient of several awards.
She is the first women from pakistan who has been awarded by Italian government on women day for her courage and commitment.


Maria Butt (CEO & President at MARIA.B)

Maria .b is a clothing brand which was founded by maria butt. It is based in Lahore Pakistan.  The cloth includes ready to wear , unstitched , haute couture. A fashion magazine labelled Maria .b as a coco channel of pakistan. Indeed the innovation & transformation triggered by Maria .b entry into fashion industry justifies the comparison. One of the brightest fashion stars of industry , she remains  committed to bringing the very best to her customers without fail

Maria Butt (CEO & President at MARIA.B)

She says “I have been given tremendous love by everybody but my vision goes far beyond that i regard myself as an entrepreneur as someones whos artistic ability can be portrayed in everything i do”

Maria butt graduated from Prestigious Pakistan Institute of fashion design (PIFD) In 1998. She started in 1999 with one retail outlet & a small stitching unit whete Maria’s sole focus was to provide ready to wear fashion that reflected an elegant fusion of east & west. Today , Maria Butt is pakistan’s most diverse designer fashion brand with pret a portes couture , formal wear , lawn embroidered fabrics , linen and cottons.
MARIAM OMER (CEO at Kishmish Organic Skin Care)
Mariam Omer is the most influential female entrepreneur in Pakistan. She was born in a well known family who had multiple established businesses. She dropped out of college because education system did not suit her. After that she left for UK to start a diploma in skin care. On return , she started her own business. But that business started to fall apart because she was having complications with her marriage.
Mariam Omer CEO at Kishmish Organic SkinCare Line
She left alone by the negative attitude of people. And after two years , she had a breakdown . But her loved ones convince her to give a second chance to her business. And she started & soon kishmish organic become the best selling skin care brand in Pakistan today. For her organization called Mariam Foundation , she is doing selfless work for mankind. Mariam Foundation is involved in rescuing street animals & providing them shelter & food. And she is willing to build oldage homes to give back to community . Her life teaches us “What defines us is how well we rise after falling”. She is a great inspiration for us.
Sana Safinaz is pakistani clothing and accessories retailer which is based in Karachi Pakistan.
Sana & Safinaz (owner at SanaSafinaz Clothing Brand)
It was founded by two close friends Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer in karachi pakistan.
The business was started in 1989 with seed investment of few thousands with grown to become well known brands in clothing industry. In those days , it was difficult for women to participate in workforce or become entrepreneurs or become fashion designers. People felt sorry for women who work in industry.
They both started the business with attention to provide haute couture for pakistani clothing industry but later switched their business to pret as pret is high demand in Pakistan industry. They both worked very hard together & their business spreat in whole of Pakistan. Now they both are married and happy in their life.

FIZA FARHAN (Buksh Foundation)

Fiza Farhan is an accomplished business profession in the renewable energy , women empowerment and impact investment sectors in Pakistan. With her charismatic personality , unwavering commitment , passionate zeal & dynamic energy , she has become a proud representation of youth and women of pakistan at an international level.
FIZA FARHAN (Buksh Foundation)
She is a name on 30under30 list by prestigious forbes magazine for social entrepreneur 2015. She is a brighter women of pakistan. She is a co founder and CEO of buksh foundation . in addition , she is also the director of buksh energy. She also holds honoree titles of Co chairperson itilian development chamber of commerce in pakistan.
She has a master degree in business administration from the esteemd Warwick business school and a bachelor science from our very own , University of Management sciences (LUMS)
After completing her studies , fiza took up a couple of development sector for creating turnkey impact investment project in development field.
Distinguished US magazine forbes has included 28 year old Fiza Farhan , co founder of buksh foundation in its list of 30 under 30 social entrepreneur for 2015.
Sidra Qasim proved herself as the most inspirational women for Pakistan and have become the huge success of Pakistani entrepreneur. She worked with waqas and their startup is Markhor  , the traditional side of Pakistani shoe industry.
They started in.just working with local craftsmen in Okara but their idea took a serious turn when they got a hefty grant from google which motivated them further. Withing 3 years their startup of this business got a hufe success  and they were able to magnify their local shoe making industry to a global scale.
Their startup became the first accepted to the Silicon valley accelerator.
Roshaneh zafar is a development activist in pakistan working in the field of women’s economic empowerment.
She set up the first specialized microfinance in Pakistan , the Kashaf Foundation.
She founded it in 1996 and serves as its managing director. Before establishing the foundation , she worked with the work bank in Islamabad .
She has been awarded “Tamga-e-imtiaz”
one of the pakistans highest civilain awards by the president of pakistan for her worked in field of women empowerment and was also awarded scoll award for social entrepreneurship in 2007.
She ia graduated from Warthon business school , universitu of pennsylvania USA and also holds a master degree in development economics from yale university USA.
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