Rolex: the name itself evokes an image of a person full of luxury, laden with precious jewels, and treated with hands and feet. For watch enthusiasts around the world, the ultimate satisfaction would be to add a Rolex to their collection. For many of them, however, this dream may remain that, a dream. Whatever it is, there’s nothing wrong with looking at the pictures of those magnificent Rolex watches and silently coveting them. In addition, this list could act as a mood board for you while making future purchases of wristwatches (* whispers * and look for imitations / fakes). So, what are you waiting for?

1. Pearlmaster 39 – White Gold Strap And Diamond Paved Dial

I think I’m in love. Made entirely in 18 Karat white gold, the strap accented with parallel lines of diamonds, and the dial paved with 455 diamonds (!), Rolex exceeded its own level of craftsmanship with this piece. And, it does not stop there. The piece of resistance of this watch is the bezel with 48 sapphires that form a beautiful gradient from blue to pink fuchsia and elevate this masterpiece from extraordinary to extraordinary.

2. Lady-Datejust 28 – Everose Gold Strap And Chocolate Dial

In recent years, rose gold has firmly established itself in the jewelry market and as the elegant metal for women around the world. Made with 18 carat Everose gold and accented with diamonds, the Lady-Datejust 28 is a watch for the modern woman of the millennium. The diamond dial bezel with diamonds and star-shaped hour markers add a touch of originality to this otherwise classic piece.

3. Lady-Datejust 28 – Platinum Strap And Ice Blue Dial

If you’ve ever wondered what watch Queen Elsa would have worn if she existed in real life (as you so often find yourself doing), you can stop doing so now. This Rolex piece made of the finest quality 950 platinum is a study in luxury watch-making. The elegance of the ice blue dial bezel set with diamonds is elevated only by the gorgeous hour-glass shaped, diamond-encrusted hour markers.

4. Pearlmaster 34 – Everose Gold Strap And White Dial

When it comes to jewelry for a professional setting, rose gold is your safest bet. With its Everose gold body and a simple white dial, the Pearlmaster 34 exudes an air of quiet dignity. A touch of brilliance has been added to this elegant piece by 12 diamonds around the bezel that line up perfectly with each of the 12 hour markers of Roman numerals.

5. Lady-Datejust 26 – White Rolesor Strap And Black Dial

When it comes to manufacturing premium watches, Rolex is not only unconditional, but also a pioneer. And its unique combination of white gold and steel (registered trademark as Rolesor) that has been used to make this particular watch is a testament to that. While the five-link Jubilee bracelet and ribbed bezel add a touch of masculinity to this piece, the twelve hour markers inlaid with diamonds against a black midnight dial resemble a night sky full of stars.

6. Lady-Datejust 28 – Yellow Gold Strap And Champagne Dial

When you think of jewelry that is suitable for royalty, this is probably the kind of watch that comes to mind. With its entire body made of 18 karat solid gold and the bezel embedded to the diamond hilt, this watch is the very definition of extravagant luxury. The soft champagne-colored dial is accented with hour markers in the form of stars that work together to complete the opulent appeal of this piece.

7. Datejust 36 – Rolesor, Yellow Gold, And Mother-of-Pearl Dial

While some people are satisfied with just owning a Rolex, there are others who may want a Rolex that is absolutely unique. With its woven bracelet made of Rolesor and yellow gold that complement each other beautifully, the Datejust 36 really makes it a unique watch. Since a 100% natural mother-of-pearl is used to make each sphere by hand, each is extraordinarily unique. The natural tones of the Mother of Pearl are complemented by square hour markers made of yellow gold and studded with diamonds.

8. Datejust 36 – White Rolesor Strap And Bronze Dial

Yes, owning a Rolex watch is a serious matter. But that does not mean you can not let your bizarre side show itself through this extravagant purchase. This 36-piece Datejust piece keeps things simple with its simple multi-linked Jubilee bracelet and diamond bezel. Things get interesting with the bronze sphere that self-engraves with what seems to be a floral motif, but in reality they are the mechanical gears responsible for the internal workings of a clock.

9. Datejust 31 – Yellow Gold Strap And Champagne Jubilee Dial

If they had asked me to baptize this watch, I would probably call it ‘Golden Opulence’ (Yes, like the most expensive ice cream in the world). The 18K solid yellow gold body and the bezel and ears with diamonds of this watch are a true example of the indulgence and luxury of its user. But what really sets this watch apart is the champagne sphere embossed with the intricate Jubilee pattern that explains the name of the brand repeatedly.

10. Datejust 36- Pink Leather Strap And Black Dial

Are metal belts not your thing? Rolex satisfies your preferences with this Datejust 36 watch with a beautiful leather strap in golden pink tones that fits perfectly on your wrist. The demure beauty of this watch is raised with a jet-black dial with hour markers with Roman numerals and a fluted bezel hand-crafted with Everose gold.

11. Lady-Datejust 28 – Everose Gold Strap And Aubergine Dial

Here’s another timeless design from Rolex’s Rose Gold Women’s Watch that is unique in its simplicity. Built from Rolex’s patented formulation of 18-carat pink gold alloy (perfectly baptized Everose gold), this watch seems made to sit on a princess’s wrist. The bright aubergine sphere adorned with diamond hour markers and the vaulted bezel work together to create a beautiful harmony of simplicity, elegance and class.

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